This is the name I have chosen for my own way of practicing and sharing Yoga my way.
In Spanish “Yoga mola” sounds something like “I enjoy practicing Yoga”, something like “Yoga is fun” which to me is a big theme when it comes down to stay on the mat and practice and train, I like it and it’s fun to me to do it and that is something I like to share.

My favorite style to teach is definitely Vinyasa, because the vinyasa itself adds that kind of cardio work which makes me sweat and gives me a nice paste, almost like dancing.
I like to do asana sequences to explore different areas. The idea is that every sequence will give you the possibility to understand how asanas work alone and how the transitions can be made in different ways.
It builds up a practice that will teach the body and the mind how to improve strength, which will lead to a better stability and then a better balance on the mat and outside. It starts taking little steps and then adding different options so that even if you are a beginner, you will feel supported and you will be happy because you can do that. On your own. I am a Yogi who believes in the power of understanding which gives you freedom; therefore I will use my words to help you understand how I can suggest you to try to move the different parts of your body. Very rarely I will touch you. I will not use my hands to move you from a position, nor to pamper you. Yoga is about learning it is not about pleasing students.
A big issue in my classes is “repetition”. Sometimes I call certain sequences “loops” because I like to do them over and over a few times so that you can really feel training your body, your resilience, adaptability and strength.

Yogamola has become a nomadic Yoga class, which I give around the island in different places, sometimes a nice location at the beach, sometimes a public square, a place up on a tower in the old city, a friend’s garden… I like the idea of using public places to practice yoga.