In the variety of modern Yoga, there are 2 different “cool” types, being cool referring to not warming up the muscles: one is Restorative which works clearing up the subconscious, and the other one is Yin.

In Yin yoga we target the Yin tissues of the body, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, cartilages and most of all the Myofascial Tissue, a 3D kind of spiderweb tissue that runs all over our body, wrapping up and shaping muscles, containing joints and bones areas, and also going deep inside every tissue. Recent studies have proven Myofascial Tissue being the highway where electric impulses coming from the brain travel in the body.
In Yin Yoga all asanas are held for a longer time, generating a sense of discomfort after a while. The challenge of Yin Yoga is to stay still and relax in that discomfort with the awareness that that is the healing process of this method: when we move out of that asana, our extremely intelligent system will send to that distressed area nutrients and fluids which will generate a rejuvenating process.

Yin Yoga doesn’t use any muscular activity as every single pose is engineered in a way that the active component will be the weight of the body interacting with gravity as linked to our ability to let go and relax every single part of our body as we stay still. Considering the mainstream attitude of human beings, being always so “performing”, Yin Yoga is a very powerful ” antidote” to allow us to gain back our inner space and of course rejuvenate our system.