90 min with special Bio oil and Aromatheraphy

This is a special treatment which can be part of a 1-2 week plan or it can be provided as a one-time session. It is an Indian rejuvenating treatment which, in the week plan can help you reduce 1 or 2 sizes, feel great and look amazing. It works alternating massage and rest, stimulating the nervous system to start a rejuvenating effect. A special oil will be produced for this treatment.

One month before they got married, Indian couples used to go through a very specific preparation process, to get ready for the most important day of their life together. It was extremely important to look absolutely wonderful the day of the marriage, beautiful as never before, radiantly vibrating.
They used to go on a diet a week before starting a 2 weeks massage journey in order to expel all toxins, release unwanted weight, make their skin radiate beauty from within. This process is called “Rasayana” which means something like “forever young”. The treatment used to be received every day for 14 days at the same time every day.

The massage itself is a combination of active and shaping maneuvers, which will be repeatedly performed on the body working with the drainage system and invigorating the consistency of the skin and muscles. Then there will be a short pause. The body and the mind will rest a few minutes, letting the work done sit deeply and allowing the Nervous System to activate the rejuvenating process. Then the massage will start again for a while, then again a short pause. And again and again.
As the days are passing, the body will be shaped, the skin will have a firmer tone, you will wear 1 or 2 sizes less if you do the whole program and engage in the suggested diet. By the end of the process, you will visibly look younger, more beautiful, literally radiating energy and feel great.
A special oil will be prepared for the Rasayana to maximize its effect.