Duration 75 min

Very special Indian detox treatment which stimulates the skin to eliminate body fat through a gentle dabbing done with a cotton cloth dipped in cold water. The skin will be immediately dried out and the dubbing will start all over again, from the head moving downwards.

The water has a very deep cleansing power and the lower temperature will stimulate the pores to actually squeeze out unnecessary body fat and all kinds of toxins, including heavy metals, drugs residues for example. At the same time, this will massively impact the nervous system, which will be turned off and restored, the effect is so powerful that you will experience a deep relaxation. Some people actually have vivid daydreams, just like taking a journey inside yourself.

It has a deep physical and energetically cleansing effect and by the end of the treatment the water will turn out to be of a much darker color showing how effectively the toxins have been expulsed. At the end of the dabbing process, a final warming up massage will be applied from the feet up, using silk powder which will make the skin velvety smooth. It will take a good 20 minutes to land after the treatment is over, leaving you feeling deeply restored and energized.

Only to be done in very hot days and after a consultation with Iuri Soham.