Duration 60 min

The facial ritual is a unique experience which will take you deep inside yourself starting with a guided breathing meditation and a sound healing targeting heart chakra and up, making yourself deeply relaxed and ready to receive the proper treatment.

Deep cleansing, remineralizing, hydrating and rejuvenating will be the different cosmetic actions involved, using bio products from amazing Spanish company Yipsophilia. As a remineralizing mask will be applied on your face, shoulders, neck and skull will be massaged and that’s when you will start releasing major tensions. The face will start being relaxed and then the massage will start. A combination of

1. Facial liquid drainage (Dien Chan Vietnamese massage)

2. Japanese Kobido massage.

3. Chinese Gua Sha.

Your face will be visibly rejuvenated, signs of fatigue and wrinkles will be visibly reduced, a new powerful light will shine through your eyes and you will feel amazingly well.