Full Body massage + sound healing.
Duration: 60 or 90 min.

The Awakening is an intense and special experience merging different ancient techniques with the purpose to help you fully disconnect, relax and recharge your battery.
It starts with a Vibrational Sound Healing on the spine, 3 ancient Shamanic Tibetan bowls will be placed on strategic points on your back and the vibration will release physical, emotional and energetic tensions giving an immediate sense of relaxation and peace.

The bodywork of “the Awakening” is rebalancing, invigorating, deep, recharging and yet very relaxing. It works all muscles, and also joints, tendons, it enhances the activity of the circulatory system stimulating the blood circulation and also the lymphatic system. More oxygen will be available in the blood, more nutrients will be available in the whole body. The nervous system will slow down its activity and as the massage builds up, you will slowly find yourself daydreaming or even sleeping, achieving a very deep state of relaxation.
The Awakening stimulates the senses as you are relaxing through the rhythm of the movements and frequently you might experience some visions or memories which might come up as “messages” or simply reminders from your subconscious mind. Sometimes we see things more clearly so that we might be helped in making a decision or simply become more aware of something, with enhanced clarity.

The treatment will be tailor-made for each client, occasion and time during the day. A natural bio selection of oil will be used for the body with aromatherapy, while the face massage will be provided using an amazing selection of Yipsophilia organic bio cosmetics to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the face.