Duration: 60 or 90 min.

In the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of the wandering monks, Anulom is the relaxing full body massage. When your present moment is filled with anxiety or over excitement, when your system has been overworking for a while and you need to slow down, when you are having a hard time to let go of too much work, when it takes time to fall asleep or when you simply want to slow down, then Anulom is your treatment.

It is almost impossible to translate the word Anulom because it is used in an infinite number of different occasions but in the case of this massage, Anulom means that the movements will follow “the same direction of the hair” and by doing so, all gestures of this massage will move away from the center, from the heart, slowing down the heartbeat, lowering the blood pressure, deeply relaxing the nervous system by the rhythmic and caressing repeated movements.

Anulom starts from the head and face stimulating a “pause” mode : the nervous system will immediately slow down as soon as the skull and the face will be gently and firmly treated. Lavender, sweet orange, frangipani will help to let go and tickle pleasant memories.

A series of gentle, cocooning, lovingly fluid movements will literally wipe away tension, fatigue, pain. Muscles and fascia will be deeply manipulated and you will soon find yourself floating in a sweet limbo.

The treatment will be tailor-made for each client, occasion and time during the day. A natural bio selection of oils will be used for the body with aromatherapy, while the face massage will be provided using an amazing selection of Yipsophilia organic bio cosmetics to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the face.