Duration: the ritual is about 60 min long, including a necessary time for relaxation as part of the treatment.

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The Spiritual Energy Massage is a holistic foot ritual which promotes a very deep reaction in the receiver bringing a state of peace, harmony and awaken relaxation, balancing and energizing the Chakra system which will eventually create a state of new wellbeing. The repetition of this treatment will stimulate the human system to turn the energetic imbalance (which we might describe as “disease”) into a new, energetic harmony and approach to life (which we might call “healing”).


This simple yet powerful treatment has been transmitted and put together by the Indian Master S.V. Govindan who has personally experimented it for many years before describing it as “holisting healing method” and has transmitted it personally to his disciples as he started to travel around the world to give a further life to the ancient tradition of the Healing Massages of the Wandering Sadhus (spiritually devoted men).

I have studied this tradition by his first European student, an amazing woman who dedicates her life to bring forward this precious gifts to help out people in need and awaken their consciousness.


Much is to be found on Chakra literature and honestly I would say that Chakras are something you really want to experiment rather than study as they are actually “energetic entities” with their own characteristics and characters.

Now these spinning ethereal discs have many functions in our system, they somehow work as “filters” between our physical body and the part of us which exists but not in matter. Somehow they keep all there different parts together and coordinate their job.

The main 7 Chakras in our physical body are located on the spine and very close to the endocrine glands which are entitled to produce hormones that they release directly in the blood thus reaching every part of the body in a very short time. Chakras and endocrine glands form a system, they work in total synchronicity because they are one.


The Spiritual Energy Massage is a combination of different stimulations which will allow the chakra system to achieve more energy flowing, called by S.V. Govindan, Spiritual Energy. Our magnificently engineered system will then direct this energy exactly in those departments where it is mostly needed, while a very deep state of relaxation will come upon the receiver.

1. A peculiar massage will be provided on the sole of the feet, in specific points which are the reflex areas of each of the 7 chakras.

2. The massage will be done using ghee (clarified butter).

3. Bija Mantras will be chanted while treating every single chakra.

4. A healing Tibetan incense will be burnt while providing the treatment.

For the whole duration of the treatment the receiver will hear the mantras being chanted and he/she will breath the Tibetan incense which is itself a form of medicine besides purifying the Ether where the whole action is taking place.

The mantras are a very subtle form of energy which will act upon the chakras, actually “calling” them and the chakras will react “opening”, “Awakening”.

The effect of the treatment is very personal and it might change from person to person, however it allows a very deep state of relaxation to come upon and it will leave the receiver in “Yoga Nidra” the yoga of the sleep.

You might feel like floating upon your physical body, actually seeing yourself, you might feel heat or cold rushed, more action in specific parts of the body, you might even feel the Spiritual Energy traveling in your body or sleep. Every time it will be a different experience.


Very few exceptions for this treatment, better not to do it on pregnancy, not on young children. Very recommended for everybody else, also in case of very serious diseases or hard situations like a stressful moment, recovery from strong medicinal prescriptions, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, endocrine imbalances.