Duration 60 min.

The correct translation for this treatment is “the art of massaging the foot” and it comes from a very ancient Chinese tradition, much older than acupuncture; actually we can say that acupuncture comes from this tradition where the natural status of wellness is generated by the balance of the 5 elements which compone the universe and the human being.

It had been performed and transmitted in China in very old times by a lineage of street healers who didn’t have any medicinal knowledge but only the ability of feeling through the touch. And through the touch they healed people in their wholeness, going to the cause of the disease seeing as an energetic unbalance, and also going to treat the effects of the unbalance in the body.

The treatment itself will be made using the hands in every part, fingers, sides, knuckles…. and will provide a wide effect, working the reflexed areas of the body, organs, functions, areas….. it is like a projection of a “movie” on the feet which collect traces of what happens in the body.

It gives a profound sense of relaxation and you will feel energetically recharged, all bodily functions will be stimulated, revitalized. One session will help you feel better , sleep better, be more relaxed. A cycle of 5-8 sessions will help you clear issues and re establish a long lasting health.