I have studied ancient traditions of treatments which have been provided and transmitted only from healer to healer in Asia (India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan, Bali, Thailand) for centuries. These spiritually devoted individuals used to spend their days wandering on the streets to offer these magical treatments to save people’s lives and it was for them a way to fully dedicate their lives to God.

In an ever-evolving world, I use these traditions with a very similar purpose, creating unique experiences, inner journeys during which you will detach yourself from your physical body, letting go of your tensions, releasing your contractions (stress) and kind of fly high above your body and through your senses. A unique way to relax and recharge.

A spiritually intense experience through the body.

You will feel deeply relaxed, recharged, toned, energized, improving attention, concentration, bodily functions, more clarity of mind, more at peace.