The Tibetan singing bowls are originally 7 metals instruments coming from Tibet where they have been used for centuries by Tibetan monks or shamans to heal people through the vibration of Om.

The bowls are literally placed on top of the person (on the back, on the front part of the body or where needed) then the practitioner creates the vibration sliding a wooden stick on the outer edge.

The vibration almost “shines like a sun” and pervades the whole body, going very deep in the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual part of yourself and it will happen so quickly it will only leave the possibility for you to be amazed, surprised, totally released. With this experience it will be very easy to experience how there is no difference between what is body or mind or soul.

The treatment lasts effectively for a good 45 min, before that there is a space for preparation and at the end a space for coming back together and sharing. It promotes a total relaxation, and healing if needed, you will feel very fresh and like waking up from a long interstellar journey, coming back to this side of reality.