Sound healing is a treatment where some instruments are used, which create a sound/vibration.

In ancient traditions, many different instruments have been used to produce this effect, percussions, seeds, wooden instruments, musical instruments, voice. Me, I have studied with a magnificent teacher, an ex Buddhist Tibetan monk, whose mission is to spread the knowledge about healing through the vibration on ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. His name is Thon La Sonam, and to him my greatest gratitude and devotion.

The healing derives from the vibration produced by the Tibetan Singing bowls which are displayed directly on top of the receiver, thus maximizing their effectiveness. To be called “Sound Healing ” in my vocabulary, they need to be actually on the body of the receiver, otherwise, I would call that “Sound Bath”.

Being the vibration a very pure form of energy, when it travels in your body, it actually pervades the space, going through everything: bones, flesh, blood, areas, organs, systems, functions, every single cell, and it brings a wide range of benefits, revitalizing, releasing tension on a very deep level, restoring energy and balancing the whole system.