A millenary Tibetan healing Ritual which will literally blow your mind and take you deep into a deep state of relaxation and awareness of yourself.
As you comfortably lay down, the sacred vibration of Om produced by original ancient metal Singing bowls will travel into and through your body producing a deep ‘wholistic’ healing therapy. Every single Tibetan bowl has been handcrafted and tuned to create the sacred sound of Om which, traditionally is a pure source of fresh creative energy.

I will vibrate every bowl directly on your body in strategic points and you will sense this intangible yet powerful energy running, flowing, radiating in every single cell of your body, while your whole body will enter in a sort of energetic resonance with Om.

Through this whole pleasurable therapy your system will gently get rid of past traumas, memories, undesired emotional ‘luggage’ while you will be floating in and out of consciousness, sleeping not sleeping, relaxing deeper and deeper, enjoying and having an amazing unforgettable experience which will leave you recharged, relaxed and refreshed.