The Sound Healing I offer is a traditional Tibetan ritual where ancient Tibetan Singing bowls are directly placed on top of the receiver while producing what is defined as “sound”.
It is a healing ceremony where you would be lying down and just receiving the shower of vibrations directly on your Body. And of course, it is much more than that, because the “sound” it is all that there is.

The ancient Tibetan Singing bowls are dedicated instruments, designed to broadcast the “sound” of OM, which is believed to be one of the purest forms of energy available in our Universe; it is the sound that according to the Hindi tradition, “shapes” the unmanifested Divine presence. In this way, the OM which I produce with the Singing Bowls showers the whole Body, refreshing and literally changing your physical, mental, emotional status.
As you comfortably lye down, you will feel the Sound arising and radiating like a sun in your body, expanding, moving in every single cell of your body.

During the first half of the session, I will dedicate some time treating the posterior side of your body and placing various Tibetan Singing bowls on your spine, neck, coccyx, then eventually legs and feet. Within a few minutes, you will be taken to a very deep state of relaxation which translates to a deep state of awareness of yourself united to a feeling of surrender and just be, releasing contractions and tensions.
In the second part of the ritual you will turn of the other side and I will treat the front part of your body, sometimes following the chakras, sometimes treating internal organs, or respiratory/cardiovascular system, then working with the feet again and head and face.

By the end of this treatment, you will feel so deeply restored that it will probably take up to 10-15 minutes to be fully back in your regular awareness, as it deepens your connection. A very relaxing experience to fully feel the power of these ancient instruments the way it is taught by the monks.