Slowdown is a class for beginners and advanced students who want to train the muscles, warm up the body. relax the mind and achieve more flexibility.

Many of my students they would enjoy a ‘mild’ type of class where the focus is on the spine and the joints, while still doing some physical activity. You will learn how to build every single asana through my verbal cues and adjust it to your physicality and feel comfortable doing it. You will learn about stability and balance through your body and then you can apply the same principle to your everyday life, your relationships or your business, there is no limit to what yoga is.

The second part of the class will be more dedicated to relaxation through every single shape we will give to our bodies, using the weight of the body to elongate tendons and ligaments so that you can achieve more mobility and ease in the movements.

Finally you will restore in Savasana while I will guide a short meditation to allow your system to relax, your heartbeat and your brain processes to slow down so by the end of the class you will feel energized and very relaxed, to start or end up your day.