Tarot Cards are one of my favourite things to do.
Many years before even thinking I could do readings, I was so skeptical about it and at the same time a bit scared of what somebody could tell me, that I would stay away even from the idea of Tarot. Then, life works in mysterious way sometimes and events that happened in my life made me change my opinion completely.

So I want to share with you what Tarot Readings are about in my experience. Let’s talk Quantum Physics… according to QP every possibility is contained and existing in the Q Field. When I read Tarot cards, I receive a vision of one of these possibilities, and that is what the receiver is needing to hear at that moment. The message which is heard is the information that was supposed to be received for that person to choose the most appropriate thing to do in their life. That will enable that person to “choose” what to do and eventually be the conscious creator of his/her experience.
Tarot Cards are Archetypes, energetic significants which resonate in the universe; I am going to give you an example…let’s take the sun as an example…with its light it dissolves shadows. Shadows could stand for some issue that in our life is not clear. In case you are investigating about something, the card The Sun could be a sign that it will be “cleared” soon.
When doing a reading I will require to ask questions. I do not usually give general readings, I would rather be hearing what your priorities are, then I would do the reading. By doing so, the Receiver gives a direction to the whole energetic flow by using the power of Intention.

Months or years after I give the reading, I generally receive messages from people, to inform me that it has happened what came out in the reading. And it is never “bad not scary”, it is always supportive and empowering and that is the sense, to me, to receive a Tarot Cards reading.