Tarot cards came into my life many years ago even before Yoga. They literally entered the main door from one moment to the other and I realised I could easily effortlessly channel messages through the cards.
I have been reading cards ever since and through the decades I have developed a methodology to offer this service in a way that is evolutive and supportive for people.

It is a real ritual that we will do together and after you ask your question I will pick up some cards and information will start to flow from my mouth. You can ask pretty much everything you want and you will realise that the oracle will give you different ways of looking at things, introducing new perspectives or insights which will alleviate your doubts or uncertainties by stimulating effective ways to reach your desired outcomes.
You will enjoy this mystic yet very practical way of working with energy through the whole session and most likely you will enjoy the surprise of how clearly we can look up at things or events or people.

At the end of the session you will have more clarity, more tools available, which you can decide how and when you want to integrate them in your present, with a slightly different awareness from before which will help you overcome your blockages and turn them into your greatest friends.