From the first time I landed in this beautiful magical island, I fell in love with her. She is a beautiful creature, nature here is astonishing to me, the Mediterranean spirit is here alive and nourishing.

Since the first year I moved here I have had the enormous luck to start to work in some of the most beautiful places, some are small boutique venues, designed for a narrow niche of clients who are looking for a lovely location with a familiar atmosphere, amazing food, and service. In such venues, I have the possibility of taking care of every single person, in a very bespoke way. Besides that, the attitude here is very loving, gentle and caring and this also means a lot to me, especially as opposed to other venues where people are merely a series of zero behind a number.

I also have a few venues where I work with Yoga Retreats. Well, what about yoga retreats? Well let me tell you how this works: I have tried to work in different retreats venues and it has not always been easy. First of all, it id hard to call them yoga retreats, sometimes they feel a bit different to me, maybe like a “rural holiday with some beginners yoga”.
Ans in many situations, who organizes them would pay very little money me as an independent professional and on top of that, they would ask me to pay high commissions if they would choose me for the job. Big confusion.

So, naturally, I have chosen venues which are true, honest, fragrant, lively, caring and where they understand the value and the meaning of very good service for their clients. Check them out.