I consider that Healing is always a “self Healing”, meaning that we all have the capacity to start our natural detox/rejuvenating/healing process when properly stimulated and if we really want to be healed.

I know it might sound a bit ackward but that’s what it is.

In every single cell of our body, the life principle is alive and acting, and that is our Divine nature incarnating through every single cell. So why do I dedicate a big session of my website to Healing? Let’s say here you might find good “occasions” to be entirely stimulated, invited to accept and eventually start your own Healing path.


Here you find ancient massages from Ancient Asian Spiritual Tradition, Ayurvedic Treatments, Chinese Foot massages, Sound Healing and much much more.

Have you ever felt so amazingly great after a treatment that you were wishing you could start another one imemdiately?