Here comes a time where humans’ actions and big stupid mistakes have changed the asset of nature’s perfect harmonic balance. Time for sushi is OVER guys. Time to rethink what exactly we can, want to do to save our planet. Now. And rethink what is our diet going to be based on. Nature is already… Read More


Manifestation of energy into matter happens through abundance. It is the way nature expresses itself, just producing more and more and more. How many leaves 🍁 can you count on an oak tree? How many breaths can you take every day? How sand grain can you count at the beach? It is like saying that… Read More


The ancient healing traditions I have come across in my life, they all come from Asia, and they all have performed and transmitted orally for centuries and only to spiritually awaken individuals. Most of them used to spend their days wandering on the streets, maybe going from one temple to the next, offering these treatments… Read More