90 minutes Breathwork individual or group session

Ananda Mandala is a meditation and a very powerful energetic cleansing process that will be activated by a particular breathing technique.  This will enable every participant to rise his/her own vibrant frequencies, producing a range of physical, emotional, spiritual effects and a unique experience, sometimes stimulating insights or intuitions, sometimes, visions, sometimes bliss, Ananda. It might happen that old behavior patterns, or ancients sorrows will be brought up to consciousness, to be released. It might happen to experience pure joy and bliss.
Before starting there will be some introduction and explanation of the technique itself, and of the energetic anatomy of the chakras and how they work in our body.

At the end of the meditation there will be some time to relax and then share together the experience of the meditation, the different feelings for every participant, insights, intuitions received during the process.