Welcome to my website, I have done it for you so that I can share my experience during this lifetime and tell about the many, different, amazing experiences I have gone through.

My journey is a very blessed one, I feel lucky and honored to be walking my feet on this beautiful planet as I observe and co-work with the universe unfolding its truth.

I have come across many different ancient Asian traditions of healing, of practices and rituals, and I have recognized them as having always been part of me. Even if they might appear so different at a first glance, as they have developed in different countries at different times, they all carry the same DNA: they have all been practiced and transmitted by spiritually devoted people, some were called medicine men, some monks, others shamans or magicians.
From the middle of the 80es, for some reasons, they all started to teach and prepare their first generation of students from Western countries, thus grafting these devotional traditions in a very different cultural lineage.
I belong to the second generation for many of them. Some others just came through me, like the Oracle Tarot cards reading.

Today I offer a wide range of treatments, classes, individual and group sessions with the purpose of being at service to facilitate people on their path of ever-expanding consciousness, healing and enlightenment.