Namasté and Blessings to all of you.

Nice to meet you and welcome to my website, an online sacred space dedicated to every “seeker of the truth”, everyone who wants to feel better, live better, release tension, detox body and mind, recharge, rejuvenate, make the world a better place.

I am presenting here many different “tools” you are invited to discover, try, eventually make them part of your daily life, invite others to do the same. Many of these “tools” come from very ancient traditions from India, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Japan, Bali and I have come across and studied them directly from their truthful lineage. Some others are the results of my own practice and experience of over 15 years.

Try an online yoga class, watch a free video, make an appointment for an amazing massage at your own domicile (in Ibiza), schedule a private online coaching session….. choose whatever you like to explore and please remember to approach everything here just like an “entertaining laboratory” so that you might keep a lightness and freshness of spirit just like a child does, when playing and daydreaming. Take things seriously and always allow a smile to radiate from the center of your chest through your whole System and beyond because we are all One.

This might be the beginning of your transformation to reveal your own magnificent, divine nature.

Thank you

Iuri Soham