Namasté and Blessings to all of you.

I am a Shaman, my own way. I am a conduit actually of a greater Spirit (or however you want to call if, Life Force, Nature…) which fills my entire life.
What is a shaman by the way? The translation of this Mongolian term is ‘the one who knows’. The one who knows what? That we are all a reflection of the Great Spirit, small tiny flames of a bigger flame.

I am specialised in ancient healing traditions of spiritual evoluted people who didn’t have a ‘home’ and who were actually living on the streets offering their life to help others and actually save people’s life (imagine India or China thousands years ago…). For some reasons I have collected many of these traditions where good health and restoring health start from an energetic perspective and then, eventually it will manifest physically, because we see a person as a combination off matter and energy, where the 2 cannot be separated and where we work from the energetic side, the ‘unseen’ world.

Yoga, breathing, meditation, massage, sound healing, Tarot cards reading they are all different parts that make up a Wholistic Healing System which will restore your own natural power and leave you fully ‘at ease’ in a state of deep relaxation, fundamental to any type of healing.
One session, a weekly plan or a private retreat, all of this will produce an undeniable effect in your system, relaxation, pleasure, fresh energy.