My journey is a very blessed one, I feel lucky and honoured to be walking my feet on this beautiful planet witnessing and co working with the universe unfolding its truth.

I have come across many different ancient traditions of healing, of practices, and I have recognised them as being part of me already by simply allowing them to express through me. Even if they might appear so different at a first glance, they all seem to be very well matching to me as they are meaningful ways to be fully connected and centred, ways to face the reality that we as human beings are a reflection of the sacred vital force which you might call Love, Nature, God, Quantum Field or whatever it feels better for you.

Yoga, energetic treatments, massages, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, tarot reading they are all branches of the same tree, they are all tools for you to discover how beautiful and powerful you are and eventually bloom as the most colourful and beautiful flower ever.