The ancient healing traditions I have come across in my life, they all come from Asia, and they all have performed and transmitted orally for centuries and only to spiritually awaken individuals. Most of them used to spend their days wandering on the streets, maybe going from one temple to the next, offering these treatments to people in need of help with the purpose to save their lives.

They owned nothing or little, used to actually live on the streets most of the times, or maybe living in hard conditions. Loved by people, but also kept away from them. The key point of their believes is a very deep inner connection with Source, and living from that space of being mainstream, fully aware of what their purpose in life was.
Some of them were able to help people improve their health conditions by manipulating their body, some used the vibration to modulate the energetic balance, some used the word as a mean to express a certain quality of energy manifesting as a message.
In the 80es some of them started to travel to Europe to start sharing their knowledge with individuals who were not belonging to their lineage; creating a different but similar tradition. I consider myself as belonging to the 2nd generation after them.

After years of practice I find myself using these traditions with a very similar purpose, creating a unique experiences where you will go through an inner journey, letting go of your tensions, releasing your mental and physical stress and kind of fly high above your body and through your senses. A great way to relax and re charge.

Handwork, oils, essences, incense, palo santo, mantras, music, vibrations, all components create an ancient ritual which perfectly suits a modern person. It is an inner experience through the body, where you might feel how the heat of the hands can soften your hard spots, the vibration of a Tibetan singing bowl can help you let go as it travels through the body.

It is very special to feel how the “spiritual” actually happens in the matter, in your body. And you might receive memories which have been frozen for years, intuitions, visions, clarify a situation. Or simply release and recharge.

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