YogaYoga is a science which has been designed (or revealed) for human evolution. It is a path which will certainly adjust and change the practitioners’ life when performed correctly, it is a way of living in accordance with the laws of nature which will make your life longer and happier.

Being life the journey of our awareness, when you practice yoga you will have a different perception of yourself, a different vision of life, your physical body will change becoming stronger, your spine will start fixing itself, your muscles will gain energy your body will be more flexible.

Yoga is for everyone, you can practice yoga in millions of different ways, as many people are living on earth. It is about feeling, it is about gaining the control of your mind, and of your mind over your body. It is an inner attitude of comprehension, love, and supportive appreciation which might bring peace on earth and make this planet a better place to live for us and future generations.

It is the peaceful way a conscious light worker might choose.

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